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Psychotherapy & Counselling with Ray Little.

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both with Jane Read. (See separate Couples & Relationship Counselling page)

Psychotherapy and Counselling
Psychotherapy and counselling are helping processes involving a confidential talking relationship between the therapist and client. The overall aim is for the client to explore feelings and thoughts with the therapist to enable them to understand themselves and their situation and manage their lives more effectively.

Counselling we describe as shorter-term work, which focuses more on specific issues and events. The therapist will work with you to help you to explore and understand your situation or the event that you have come to counselling to address, and help you make the appropriate changes or adjustments in your life.

Psychotherapy we describe as involving more in-depth work than counselling, usually takes longer and explores more fully those deeper underlying aspects of ourselves; our inner world and personal experience, and the ways we may have of dealing with ourselves, others and the world. Psychotherapy is more suitable for those who's problems are of a longer standing nature, or for those individuals who wish to gain insight into their personalities.

The therapist's approach to psychotherapy recognises the link, not always conscious, between past events in a persons life and their present experience, and appreciates the therapeutic benefit and advantage of the relationship between the client and the therapist in their work together.

Psychotherapy is an open-ended treatment: its duration may be short or long. It is a process in which the client and therapist work together to understand the client's inner life by means of the unique relationship they both create.

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